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What not to do at speed dating

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If you’ve met your date through speed dating, make good use of the personal profile feature to find out what your date might like to do.

Come up with a couple of suggestions and run them by the person before the date, this way they’ll be prepared and know what to expect.

If they don’t seem to like any of your ideas and don’t offer any of their own, ask them to suggest something they might like to do. It’s important to keep your first date simple but fun, and remember that the point of going on a first date is to get to know each other.

Try to stay away from choosing things that either put too much pressure on to talk (like sitting down for a dinner right away) or not enough (like a movie). Maintain eye contact (men – please do not look at the woman’s chest, it’s a total turnoff) and listen to each other.

Our experienced hosts understand that it is a little bit daunting coming by yourself, so they go to that extra effort to make you feel welcome and introduce you to the other singles that have come by themselves.

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While most of our events consist of around 15 couples, we will book a maximum of 18 girls and 18 guys. All the hardwork and awkwardness of asking for contact details is taken care of.Unfortunately these days, dating is bit of a game and girls are complex creatures.Why is it that at least 60% of the members in our database are girls, yet it is up to us to do all the chasing.Choosing a fun activity like a sport, museum, art show or city attraction can help focus the date and create something for the two of you to talk about and enjoy together. Nobody is attracted to people who just talk about themselves, and your goal is to get to know the OTHER person, as well as sharing things about yourself.Also remember the date does not have to happen at night, but could happen in the afternoon on a weekend. You don’t need to choose something really expensive either. Plan to meet at the location where you will have your date (if possible), just in case things don’t go as well as expected. It’s also a good idea to get to know someone first before inviting them to your house. This situation is a true example of give and take and it’s your real first impression.You just have to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself. To ensure even numbers we do not allow cash payments on the night. We understand that a few of you do not have "regular" access to the internet and may have to manually go to the bank and deposit the money into our account. Nearly all of our events are run on a Thursday night starting from and finishing around .