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NVIDIA – CHIPSET – COPROCESSOR_SMU64BIT DRIVERS-(NVIDIA FORCEWARE) These drivers do not contain the NVIDIA graphic chipset.¬† this driver can be installed and downloaded directly from NVIDIA.¬† The Late 2008 model Mac Book Pro shipped with the NVIDIA 9400M chipset,¬† the latest drivers on NVIDIA site is best.In a nutshell the 2008 Mac Book Pro’s shipped with NVIDIA graphic chipsets and with NVIDIA System Management Controller,¬† neither seems to install with the bootcamp installer from Mavericks but can easily be added after the Windows Install.People have been flashing 2009 (4,1) Mac Pros to 5,1.The 2009 machines are fairly inexpensive these days and I wanted to see what I could do with one.I recently updated an old Mac Pro and set it up as a VR and gaming machine.

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While the specs aren't entirely up to speed now it has still functioned fine except for the most high end demos.Please see 'related' pages (on the top right of this page) for model-specific tips and troubleshooting. If your mac finds and installs any updates, make sure to reboot your computer, and then check again for updates to make sure that you installed everything.Before proceeding with the installation of Arch Linux, it is important to ensure that the latest firmware updates for you Mac Book are installed. It is advisable to keep OS X installed, because Mac Book firmware updates can only be installed using OS X.Here’s the configuration I was able to get running:- 2009 Mac Pro (4,1), flashed to 5,1- CPU upgraded to 12 cores running at 3.3 GHz.- 32GB RAM- One 2.5” 480 GB SSD Drive- One PCIe Sata 3 card with a 980 GB SSD drive- Windows 10- mac OS Sierra- NVIDIA 1080 Ti graphics card The base machine cost 75 on e Bay and came flashed with the CPU and memory update.I added in the SSD drives, the operating system and the graphics card.However, if you plan to remove OS X completely, make backups of these files, which you will need in Linux for adjusting the color profile: Continue to #Partitions Partitioning of the storage drive is no different from any other PC or laptop.