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The general layout of controls on the Zen Stone seems to be well thought out.The front side of the player houses a four-way control circle which lets you manage volume as well as track selection.I recomend the Hitachi Travelstars as they are reliable and cheap.I chose an 80GB Hitachi Travelstar but i'm fairly sure the 100GB version will work just as well.The firmware file is an file with 'Zen' in the file name. I haven't tested them much, but they reportedly work with libmtp so should be OK.Great now you've gathered the required tools, let's get started!

It is compact in size measuring 2-1/10” x 1-2/5” x 0.5”, and weighs a mere 0.5 ounces. I'm not convinced the new battery is actually thicker, but the connector is slightly different and the old battery is slightly 'distorted' in order to fit inside more easily. A second pair of hands to squeeze the unit together while replacing the screws will help.You are invited to read the Gnomad README file and Change Log. Mips has joined the project and is busy cleaning out some bugs here and there.Old News2008-01-28: Gnomad 2.9.1 adds support for device detection using D-Bus and HAL, you can plug in/out devices and gnomad2 will react. 2006-08-27: Gnomad 2.8.8 - sync to libmtp 0.0.14 cause 0.0.13 sucked big time. Battery finally died after I left the unit in my car for about a year (long story). A few notes from me: many of the comments here and a few blogs and webpages will help you along the way.