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Third-wheel relationships are like fine wine: They get better with age. The lady behind us in line said, “I guess what happens in Woodstock, stays in Woodstock.” Yeah, it does. A few examples of this is when they started making out on the couch while I was in the room, or when they started full on sucking face on the side of the mountain during our afternoon hike. Go on dates with them: dinner, a movie, Disney World, Six Flags, the flea market. I think Woodstock must have been the inspiration behind Stars Hollow in “Gilmore Girls.”We went to the most adorable little movie theatre.

The first evening in Woodstock, we cuddled on the couch. But once the crisis had been handled, we bought our food and moved on to Rite Aid, where we bought more junk food than a group of 17-year-old boys coming off a high. Hehe.)While we were in Woodstock, I made it a point to take selfies with the happy couple whenever they made things awkward for me. We decided to take a quick drive through the idyllic town.

Maybe the waiter/waitress will be hot or maybe your friend’s date has a hot best friend. Maybe suggest a place neither are familiar with or call them out on the mushy gushy stuff that makes them both look whipped and annoying. Make jokes about how hilarious it is when you go to an amusement park and have to sit with the strangers [or alone] on the rides.

The thought of trying to meet someone new, especially post breakup, can be very daunting for some.You don’t know where to start and for those pre-internet where people met organically like at the Blue Light Disco, what the hell is this Tinder business?Do I need to send rude pics, love emojis (what are these exactly? Here's how my experience third-wheeling my sister and her boyfriend's romantic weekend to Woodstock helped show me how to become the perfect third wheel: First, you must establish your position. The story is about her raising her son in a single room. So basically, it was the perfect romantic movie date for three. As any trained third wheel knows, you must know when to give the couple their space. I let my sister and her boyfriend have some space during the weekend. The professional third wheel knows when it's appropriate (and even necessary) to back off. The more comfortable you become as the third wheel, the better. When we arrived in Woodstock, I plopped my sorry ass in a rocking chair. In an effort to make things less awkward, I made light of it all. It gave out fair tickets instead of regular movie tickets. We saw “Room,” which is a film about a young girl who was abducted.A date of your choice, such as brunch, dinner, movies, drinks, organised for you with the first drink/coffee on me.