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Wish I could tell you that I love you and that I forgive you. She is the only one who has stuck by me threw thick and thin for all these years.

She was willing to drop whatever she was doing in order to be there to help me when I needed it.

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These pages are presented with Love to all my Brothers and Sisters that We might Learn to Survive Better at Peace Within Ourselves and With Each Other.The Truth of the WTC towers and Building Seven demolition has been covered up, and used as justification for the invasion and occupation of Iraq.I believe it is, but it can only be saved if We The People educate ourselves to make the difference, making informed decisions when we go to the polls, and when we demand that our representatives in government adhere strictly to their Oath of Office and to the government limiting mandates of the Constitution in its original sense and the ideals given us by the Founders of Our Republic.Miller II, Brett Louis, born 11 November 1993, died 05 December 2011 in Owasso, Oklahoma Our Remembrance Brett, I had known you for 13 years and now, nothing will never ever be the same. I will forever cherish everything you\'ve ever given me and your love will be the first. DAD Eternity is in the moment Filipcic, Mark, born 10 April 1957, died 21 November 2012 in Seattle, Washington Our Remembrance A man who made us all laugh whether he was burping the alphabet or sitting in the corner of of a Filipcic party even allowing us kids to paint his nails where he`d take the laughs from coworkers! Every single night where I can\'t sleep, it\'ll never be the same when you\\'re not on the other end of the phone, singing me the usual lullaby.Joyce met her beloved husband, Art, while he was attending a Yale Forestry School course in Arkansas. 25, 1960, in Hamburg, AR., and enjoyed a wonderful 53 years of marriage until Art's death in 2014.