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Most intimidating looking dogs

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They are also known for being protectors of both their owner and their home and are wary of strangers. While Fang was portrayed as a fearful dog, the typical Neo knows no fear and will gladly lay his life on the line for his owner.If you have a lot of house guests coming and going, the Akita may not be the breed for you. These majestic dogs were bred as protection and fighting dogs.You'll also notice that some of the largest breeds are also not on this list.That is because this list is meant to represent only the largest breeds commonly used as guard dogs.

These extra large dogs are loved by many and often called "gentle giants." While plenty of people prefer small dog breeds, many others feel there's nothing better than giant dogs.

The first thing that comes to people’s mind when thinking about aggressive dogs is their size.

It is normal since huge dogs have potential to do more harm than tiny dog breeds, however, that does not mean that their character is snappy or that they are usually as nervous as smaller dogs.

Even though the man’s family comes to get Hatchi and take him home he refuses to leave the train station and ends up living the rest of his life there waiting for his owner to come home.

While not all Akita’s can be expected to perform this feat, the breed is extremely intelligent and loyal.