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technology companies, already in defensive mode thanks to the former NSA contractor's revelations of a mass government surveillance program in 2013, are even more data-hungry today and therefore more on edge.Simmering under the surface is a fraught, unresolved legal and public battle between U. In July, a court ruled that Microsoft couldn't be forced to give the U. government e-mails stored in Ireland that are part of a U. Apple fought the Department of Justice for 43 days earlier this year over whether the computer company should be forced to overwrite the software to hack into an i Phone used by San Bernardino gunman Syed Rizwan Farook.The European Union is also investigating Facebook for possible misuse of data, on the theory that it is so dominate in several European countries that people are accepting a lower degree of privacy for their personal data because they feel they must use the service.Privacy, monetization and investment In terms of business models, most large tech companies would wither if they lost access to information about their users’ online lives.“They certainly don’t want to lock it away from themselves – they absolute need it to monetize it,” said Jeff Pollard, a privacy and security analyst with Forrester, a consulting company.You’re left wondering what went wrong and analyzing (and reanalyzing and reanalyzing) things with your friends. While we’ll never be able to fully understand guys (and we probably wouldn’t want to), you can learn from these moments.We found 10 women in your situation and asked experts to give their insights on what happened so you can dodge future dating disasters.Now keep in mind that evolutionary scientists are not in the habit of questioning whether or not apelike-creature-to-human evolution occurred.

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Last October the 15-year old Safe Harbor pact, which created a legal framework for data transfers between the United States and the European Union, was declared invalid by the European Court of Justice over concerns about the U. News of Yahoo's possible capitulation to a much broader U. sweep of its data than ever before reported will likely cause more European concern.“Without a doubt lots of European regulators will be pointing to this as exactly the sort of thing they were concerned about,” said Scott Vernick, an information security and privacy partner at the law firm of Fox Rothschild in Philadelphia.The company is working expeditiously to close the transaction as soon as practicable in Q2.The SEC is reportedly investigating why Yahoo took so long to disclose that it was hacked Weekly Roundup: Claims surface on Trump's dealings with Russia, Yahoo splits into Altaba Sound Cloud co-founder takes product role, Yahoo alum steps in as CTO Report: EU unhappy with US response to Yahoo email scanning scandal So, let’s read between the lines here!SAN FRANCISCO — The Edward Snowden effect just made an encore, thanks to a report Yahoo has been scanning incoming emails on behalf of U. On Wednesday a federal law enforcement official told USA TODAY that the government directive ordering Yahoo to scan customer emails was issued by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Unresolved issues While the Yahoo saga is still developing, the questions it raises show the dilemmas faced by companies with a voracious need for data about their customers but also a user base that might turn on them should they find the companies have aided the government in spying on them. Multiple recent legal battles highlight the tension. It's expected the ruling will be appealed possibly all the way to the Supreme Court. A federal appeals court later ruled the bulk collection of phone data was illegal under the Patriot Act, but the damage to the reputation of U. Some of the most recent include Microsoft's purchase of Linked In and Salesforce's interest in the professional network as well as Twitter (both seen as plays for data); aggressive expansion into cloud computing by Microsoft, Google and Intel; and a stream of artificial intelligence-powered devices like Google’s new Pixel phone and Home speaker, which aim to use your responses to make a "personal Google."With an estimated 1 billion active users a month worldwide and 81 million active Yahoo Mail users in the United States, Yahoo is a nexus for such data. that oversees requests for surveillance warrants for foreign intelligence purposes. government over user privacy on the one hand and the need for intelligence in an age of terrorism on the other.If the date feels like a hook-up, that’s probably what he’s seeking.